What it means to you…


In the planning stages of this event a co-worker came to me and ask if I knew of any other convention coming to Clarksville. I mentioned the top 2 that were full blown conventions… DayCon and ConGT. She informed me of how much her son loved everything about conventions and wanted to go to more. He fell in love with the idea after attending ConGT a local Doctor Who convention. The months went on and … Continue reading

We are up and running!


You found us! That is great news and we are happy to have you visiting our site and hopefully attend the first ever Multi-Fandom Clarksville convention. You may be wondering “What on earth is this all about?”, which is perfectly understandable. This is a multi-fandom convention that will be bringing together the best of all your favorite genres along with a splash of techniques, science, instructions, building and making. We watch movies, play board games, … Continue reading

Billy Martinez – Comic Book Artist


ME2Con is super excited to announce the guest artist Billy Martinez will be joining us this year! He will be doing 2 live paintings during the weekend so be sure to check the schedule to see when. MORE INFO: Billy Martinez was raised with a daily dose of comic books and Sunday funnies that friends and family supplied him with all through his years as a youngling. He began his professional career at the age … Continue reading