“Where do I get my tickets?”

Your badge is your admission and you can grab one or 20 RIGHT HERE.

“Where is this shindig at?”

We are having it at Riverview Inn in Clarksville, TN (about 40 minutes North/West of Nashville, TN)

“Who are you people?”

We are the Clarksville-Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau AKA Visit Clarksville™.  We do events year round and want to bring more diversity and AWESOME to Clarksville.

“What do you know about con’s and nerdy things?”

We have a very eclectic and diverse staff here at Visit Clarksville™. Sara, one of the staff members who launched this idea for ME2, is a convention circuit regular, artist, and costume/prop builder. Venturing to conventions like Dragon Con, Lexington Toy and Comic Con, Fanboy Expo, GMX yearly and even hand a major hand in ConGT (our local Doctor Who Convention). Her nerd-ness (and her job) are being put to the test!

“Whats with the snail?”

What snail? We have a snail problem?

“I have awesomeness to share…point me in the right direction!”

That is not a question but, SWEET! Check out our Volunteer, Exhibitor & Panelist, and Artist & Vendor pages for more information!

“Is parking free?”

Yes, yes it is. There is also plenty of it too!

“You money grubbers! Where are the profits going?”

This is best part. We are a non-profit organization. We get to pay the bills and everything that we make from the convention goes right back into next years…and the year after that….and so on!

We will answer more questions when you ask more! Do you have a question? Send us a message!