About MEE

Multi-fandom, multi-day event centered around the immersion of entertainment and popular arts including artist, builders, makers, costumers and cosplayers. The event will include panels that feature demonstrations of techniques, discussions on your favorite fandoms, contests for costumes and art pieces. Guests will have a chance to participate in various tournaments and contests at the event along with mingling with like minded and talented guests, also local and regional costume builders and prop designers. The event will feature a wide range of “geekdoms” from comic books, tabletop gaming, TCG’s (Trading Card Games), visual arts, technology & science, comic artistry, and more. ME2 will provide a chance to be up close and personal with techniques and information that other expo’s in this area do not offer. Panels on various methods of building, productions, and how-to’s from professionals in the industry will be offered all weekend. Vendors will be located all through the expo along with special guest exhibitors that give guests an up-close and personal look at items on display and the ability to talk and share with the special guests and vendors. Badge holders will also be privy to merchandise for sale specifically only at events of this standing.

Each guest will have full access, with purchase of a badge, to pre and post convention events along with all panels, discussions, contests, and vendors at the convention.