We will be updating our guest list throughout the year with new guests, exhibits and vendors. Be sure to check back!


Frank Ippolito – Special FX Makeup Artist



Collin Royster Creations – Fabricator, Costumer and Builder


Jarman Props – Professional costume and Prop Builder



Multi-Pass Productions – Costume and Prop Builders




Galacticat – Nashville based costumer/cosplayer, seamstress and fabricator.

Hardscrabbled Farm

Space Lion Cosplay –  Professional costumer/cosplayer




NameAboutPanelWebsite/Social Media
Brittany AdkinsRomantic Adventure Storyteller, mentor and creating networks with writers in the entertainment and writing industry Brittany has many skills in her 16+ years as an author. • The Art of Storytelling in the World of Writing and Publishing
• GishWhes: A Wild & Creative Scavenger Hunt for Charity
Colleen BoehnColleen has a knack for the genres of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, with the subgenres of dark fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction, and steampunk.• The Art of Storytelling in the World of Writing and Publishing
• GishWhes: A Wild & Creative Scavenger Hunt for Charity
Alison RichardsAlison Sky Richards has a BA in Communications and a focus in Journalism along with Technical Theater minor, did we mention she studied in sword fighting? The Sword and the Pen - How One Makes the Other Mightier!Alison Sky Richards
Bethany KesslerHistorian, writer, reader/reviewer, and all-around nerd of many fandoms.• History in Fiction: Why Should You Care?
• Hamilfever!
Danger Zone IndustriesBlacksmith, metal workers, and leather specialist. Eric has been creating, eating hot dogs, and building costumes since 2008. • Leather Working 101: A Pirates GuideDanger Zone Industries
Art of Jon WollackWollack's skills are, but not limited to: architectural design and drafting, painting and sketching, costume recreation from film and television, prop building, and pug wrangling.• Leather Working 101: A Pirates Guide Jon L Wollack
Meg Marvel - Galaticat Nashville-based costumer / cosplayer. Semi-crazy cat lady. Lover of sci-fi, comics, & other geekery.• Thermo Plastics 101
• Woman of the Star Wars Universe
Robbie AmburgeyBetter known as the Bunny Trooper, Robbie is an avid geek and con-goer along with costume building for more than a decade.• Cards Against Humanity
Felicia McLellan - Space Lion CosplayProfessional award winning costumer and cosplayer. Since 2009 Felicia has been building outstandingly detailed costumes.• Costume Contest Judge Space Lion Cosplay
Brian Mead - Hardscrabble FarmsFoam fabricator, costumer, historical reenactor and all around wizard of 3D modeling, printing and fabrication. • ROBOTS! PROPS! CHEMICALS! Start to finish prop building from tech to physical.
• Foam Armor Building 101/201
Hard Scrabble Farm
Visionary EntertainmentVisionary Entertainment will be bringing the HALO ODST Drop Pod. This simulator will drop you at the feet of hell! Hold on tight!Visionary Entertainment
NE Gaming AcademyNorth East High School Game and Computer Programming Academy offers hands on experience with the tch in the game developement industy to prepare students for a career in gaming world.• NE Gaming Academy: Tech Talk
• NE Gaming Academy: Demo and Tech Talk
NEHS Gaming Programming
Collin Royster CreationsHe has been featured in the Lindsey Stirling Halo music video, DevinSuperTramps Halo FPS, Men vs Cosplay Calender, Halo Waypoint,,,,,, and His creations range from Darth Vadar to Predator and Resident Evil Executioner. • Star Wars Speeder Bike - on display
• Power Wheels Racing Series - Twisted Plastic creations on display
Collin Royster Creations
Eric Jarman - Jarman PropsJarmanProps is a Nashville based prop and costuming hobby shop exploring popular sci-fi and fantasy properties.• ROBOTS! PROPS! CHEMICALS! Start to finish prop building from tech to physical.Jarman Props
MaryAnne VivandiereCosplyer, costumer, and all around creative type. • No Pants, No Problem: A Brief Overview of Cosplay Underwear Cosplay Hooligans
Tracie EllisBachelor in Creative Writtin and a focus on Fiction this author has a skill for seeing the world through different eyes.• History in Fiction: Why you should care.
Cosplay Collective - Dee VolpeCosplay Collective is a Nashville based Cosplay club to build real community through events and appearances.• Con Suite and Cosplay repair available on the main floor in the Commodore Room Southern Cosplay Collective
The Adam and JP Show"Geeks of the world unite!" THE ADAM and JP SHOW is a weekly radio show about the important things in life. Movies, Comics, Games, TV and Music. You can find THE SHOW with J. Patrick and Adam on iTunes and Stiticher Radio.• Adam and JP will be out hosts extroidinar for the weekend!
• Geek Trivia
Adam and JP Show